Boring Weekend

Tumblr, I’m bored and can’t find something to watch on Netflix. I thought I’d be powering through some girly drama, but the one I was watched ended and I haven’t been able to find a new one.

So I’m making a quiche and watching Parks & Recs.

Someone suggest some shows! Ideally in the drama BBC style. Think Downton Abbey style. :D

What to listen to?

So Tumblr, I’m in need of some new music. I mentioned it before not too long ago, so now I’d like to hear your suggestions. I’ll take any suggestions, my music taste is pretty wide, but if you need help here’s some suggested areas I’d like more of - off of the top of my head:



Noise rock

aburningrose replied to your post:
For reading material, I’d suggest anything in Marvel’s Ultimate series. The Redwall book series is also great. For Music, I’d recommend The Strokes and Gorillaz. If you’d like some more suggestions, feel free to ask. Enjoy!

Thanks for the suggestions. I already have all The Strokes albums and most of Gorillaz stuff. I’ll have to check and see if I’m missing any of theirs though.

geekykristie replied to your post:
Read Ex Machina!

Haven’t you suggested this to me before?! I’ll check it out. I know how much you like it!