aburningrose said: Stuffing ones face with food and watching Arrested Development has been scientifically proven to decrease the shittiness of a long week. Science doesn’t lie.

This is very true. Science doesn’t lie. Neither does my tummy.

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I’d love to read your thoughts on “Man of Steel” cause I know you and I have very different opinions on it :P
I think my thoughts on Man of Steel are the opposite of most who saw it. I think I want to get into it more then just the movie as well, as Superman hasn’t ever been a superhero I’ve cared that much for.

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Congratulations! The best of luck for you :)
Thanks! I think they’ll go well. :)

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Me too! Can’t believe I’m going to be an Aunty! I think working on this has made it a bit more real to me since I haven’t seen Kris since…

Thanks for sharing! I meant more on a PERSONAL level though, not just the stuff you post (and I do read all of) on here. I am your sister for crying out loud! (-_-)


Me too! Can’t believe I’m going to be an Aunty! I think working on this has made it a bit more real to me since I haven’t seen Kris since she found out, and she’s horrible at updating me, or sending pictures. hah.

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I’m watching The Walking Dead and eating Strawberry Rhubarb pie, which, in my opinion, is the best way one can spend it.

That sounds pretty sweet. I’m recording The Walking Dead, so I can watch it with my other half. We always watch it together. I could go for some pie though. I love pie a little too much though you could say, but I don’t care. PIE IS AMAZING!!

The director of the movie is very talented as well. He also directed Drive, which I cannot recommend enough to everyone I talk to. It’s definitely a different style from Bronson, but just as amazing.

Oh god, I LOOOOVVVEEEE Drive. Different from Bronson for sure, but that movie was different from what I thought it was going to be as well, in a good way.

I also love Drive’s soundtrack. So good.

I really enjoyed this movie when I first watched it. It was a bit odd at first, but after awhile it kinda grew on me. After I finished watching it, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

Yes, very much this. It total starts out weird, but only because I think I had something else in mind of how it was going to be.

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I always dig all the toys and posters in the background of these pictures. Is that little blonde thing a thore doll?

Good eye! It totally is. Thor, Hulk, and Smarty Poo hangout on our sofa. The posters are Darth Vadar, Batman, and a Tara McPherson print (which is signed!).

Our whole place is covered in toys, posters, and artwork. Most people who visit our place for the first time are overwhelmed with all the pop-culture we’ve got everywhere. EVERYWHERE. hah.

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No! Don’t! That guy is a total dick and I don’t want anyone to give him money.

At Comic-Con a couple years ago I sat in on one of his panels. It was the panel before Ventura…

Sorry for my crazy ramble. I just felt like sharing. hah. Never excepted you to not read or buy his comics. Me love you!

But yeah, I can’t stand that guy… hah.