Doesn’t look like much, but was yummy. Now I’m just trying to stay awake watching Colbert Report. Not cause the show is bad, just very tired.
Time to do stretches and maybe have some tea. Get things together for tomorrow, do dishes, brush teeth, and then relax.

Made spaghetti squash for the first time today. Well I prepped some yesterday. Not a bad alternative to using noodles. I’ll be trying it again for sure. I’ve found some other recipes with it that sound pretty tasty.

Oh, the adventures of healthy cooking.

Poutine. It’s delicious!

Week 2 private football party


New favorite thing to make.

Dinner. Kept it simple. And now time for bed.

I couldn’t figure out what to make with the random collection of food we have. I came up with this, I call it Mexican pizza! It was pretty freackin’ good too.