So, I’m greatly considering making some awesome things, and taking some awesome things I already made, and selling them on Society6. Only question is, would anyone buy any of my stuff? hmmm….

carinesantiweil asked:
hi there! maybe this email will sound a bit strange to you, i'll try to explain my purpose as quickly and clealy as i can. i'm a ♀ french webdesigner aged 37 and i'm very found of art (not only graphic but all kind). i've heard that l.a. is to be seen for art (excuse my english) i know besides that you are leaving the town and that you are happy to. my question is would you advise me to come here and on my own (my boyfriend is an architect and has to much work to take holidays)? thank you so

I’ve lived in several major US cities, and if you’re looking to visit the US for art on holiday, I would suggest other cities then Los Angeles. Not that there isn’t art here… there is lots of awesome art. Unlike most cities however, it’s a bit of a pain to get to it. Also the other tourist areas are really not that great and honestly not worth your time. Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Santa Monica pier, etc. are all gross, small, and not something I’d really suggest to anyone to visit.

I’d suggest visiting Seattle or San Francisco if you’re looking for some art on the west coast. I sadly can’t suggest something for the east coast, as I haven’t visited much there, although I know New York City has lots of great art. As for midwest, Chicago has some great stuff. San Francisco is my personal favorite, and has a collection of museums, street art, and preforming art.

As for safety in traveling alone, all the places I’ve named can all be safe as long as you’re smart about it. I’d suggest getting to know the areas and which neighborhoods to try and avoid. While it’s not the 90s, LA still has major gangs and crime… like most US cities.

If you really want to visit LA, I’d suggest LACMA and the Hammer for museums. The Getty is a popular one as well. 

I hope any of that was helpful!

When I lived in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, we use to visit the contemporary art galleries and museums of the area, including the university ones. I remember walking through them, and sometimes being scared to enter the next room. It was like walking through a haunted house.

That’s how I think of truly good contemporary art. It disturbs and forces a view point, even if you understand it or not. Mostly because either way it’s shaking something in you. The bizarre, the un-understanable… the experimental. I’m still very thankful to be exposed to it at such a young age compared to most.

It made me think. It made me feel. It put something with in me that I still cannot explain. Something I still hold dear. Something I find in other things, other things I find a deeper connection to then those around me.

I’ve had my fair share of conversations of art with fellow artistes and those who enjoy the arts, and I always find that there isn’t the same interest in the contemporary, the abstract, and the experimental. Which just always makes me want to open up others eyes, or yell “Look at this shit. It’s amazing. Why can’t you see that?!”

I’m done rambling.


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Oh, hey, it’s one of my watercolors I did years ago. Kind of makes me want to do some new ones.