Watching: Bob’s Burgers. This show is hilarious. All the characters are great, but Gene is my favorite. What I would do to get that fart noise on my phone guys… haha. Also, since watching this for the 4th time in a row saying “Alright!” is a new regular word we say all the time now. hah.

Reading: I’m about to start reading Y: The Last Man. Any suggestions for comics or books welcomed! I’m kind of picking about books though and for comics I prefer non-superhero ones, but am not against them if there’s a particularly good story line.

Listening to: Arcade Fire has been my go to of late. I’ve grown tired of most of my music though. I need some new tunes.

Eating: Family red sauce and meatballs! After visiting family last weekend, my dad made a ridiculous amount of leftovers that we’ve frozen and taking a little out at a time. Pasta and meatball subs galore! Our family’s red sauce is truly yum-yum-yummy. The pepperoni is my favorite part though, and always has been.