Watching: Bob’s Burgers. This show is hilarious. All the characters are great, but Gene is my favorite. What I would do to get that fart noise on my phone guys… haha. Also, since watching this for the 4th time in a row saying “Alright!” is a new regular word we say all the time now. hah.

Reading: I’m about to start reading Y: The Last Man. Any suggestions for comics or books welcomed! I’m kind of picking about books though and for comics I prefer non-superhero ones, but am not against them if there’s a particularly good story line.

Listening to: Arcade Fire has been my go to of late. I’ve grown tired of most of my music though. I need some new tunes.

Eating: Family red sauce and meatballs! After visiting family last weekend, my dad made a ridiculous amount of leftovers that we’ve frozen and taking a little out at a time. Pasta and meatball subs galore! Our family’s red sauce is truly yum-yum-yummy. The pepperoni is my favorite part though, and always has been.

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  1. wastedtime815 said: Are you seriously asking other people bout what comics to read!? I fell betrayed…
  2. aburningrose said: For reading material, I’d suggest anything in Marvel’s Ultimate series. The Redwall book series is also great. For Music, I’d recommend The Strokes and Gorillaz. If you’d like some more suggestions, feel free to ask. Enjoy!
  3. geekykristie said: Read Ex Machina!
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